Elk Stew

Another way to prepare elk meat is to cut it into chunks and make a stew.

This recipe is just like roast beef stew but uses elk meat as the foundation for a meal that is straight off the high places of Northern New Mexico.

3-4 pounds elk meat, cut into chunks
fat for frying (lard, or rendered beef fat, if you want to be traditional)
enough water, red wine or broth to cover
salt and pepper to taste

Brown your elk in the fat before adding water or beef bullion to the pot for added flavor. After the meat has browned on all sides, add enough liquid to cover and let it simmer, watching the liquid level, for two hours.

You can make elk stew into red chile, green chile, and regular stew with vegetable or as an addition to burritos or as something special to wrap up with a warm home-made tortilla.

Serves 4-6, depending on what you end up making with it.