Huevos Rancheros

Folks are going to have an opinion about how best to stack a plate of Huevos Rancheros (or Ranch Eggs) but the most prevalent and traditional recipes in Northern New Mexico tend to call for flour tortillas and Chile Colorado sauce.

You can really just make them how you please – whether you like corn tortillas or flour, red or green sauce – it really doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that if you’re going to make this your first meal of the day, you better be stringing fences or promise to skip lunch because this breakfast is going to stick to your ribs.

12 eggs
6 flour or corn tortillas
1 ½ cup of red or green chile sauce (chile Colorado or green chile)
6 ounces grated Longhorn, Colby or Monterey Jack Cheese
butter and oil for frying the eggs and tortillas
1 ½ cup refried beans
sour cream
salsa or pico de gallo for garnish

Heat an iron frying pan or skillet and add oil and fry up the tortillas, one-at a time, until soft. Drain on paper towels and place on heat-proof plates. Top each tortilla with a generous dollop of refried bean and flatten it out just a little

Fry the eggs in the same frying pan (or use an egg pan if you prefer, and cook your eggs in any way. Traditional is over-easy or sunny-side-up.

Put two eggs on each plate with the tortilla and refried beans. Slather that in the chile of your choice, top with grated cheese and place the plate under the broiler long enough to melt the cheese a little, then remove, top with sour cream and salsa garnish.

Serves 6